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Robb Mariani became known as a contestant in season two of the HGTV reality series Design Star. A native of Orlando, Florida, he studied graphic design for three years at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, and works as a creative design specialist. He says that a designer’s best friend is an open mind and the world around him, and that his own secret weapon is his passion.

His design style boils down to no rules, but has lots of geometry. Among his other favorite design styles are avant-garde, modern, and Bauhaus. He also says that the proper use of scale should be considered an essential proficiency for a designer. His favorite designers are Chris Lowell and Doug Wilson, though he says that if he wasn’t working as a designer, he’d be a truck driver instead. His favorite room to design is the family den or living room, and his dream project would be a modern living room with an immense budget. One of his strongest skills is the ability to incorporate lighting into a space at minimal cost.

On the series Design Star, he started out badly but soon found himself scoring well on the challenges. Unfortunately, he was eliminated on the fifth episode. Since then, he took up a different career path. His passion for trucks took over and he became the host of the American Trucker TV Series on SPEED.

(Photo courtesy of HGTV)

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