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Ripsi appeared as a member of the cast in the Oxygen network reality television series The Bad Girls Club. She herself has readily admitted that she was raised a spoiled girl, and that because her parents didn’t let her go to parties or outings with her friends, they simply bought her whatever she asked for instead. She also says that she has never lived apart from her parents, and that she grew up believing she was an actual princess until she was eight years old. The only reason she works is to say that she pays for her credit card bills, even though her dad still regularly pays for her way through life, while even her mom still does her laundry.

She has a major spoiled attitude, and while she says she’s nice to people she considers friends, she looks down on others she considers cheap and lower-class, especially promiscuous girls. She is also very materialistic, and tends to be overbearing with her opinions. She’s also highly judgmental of others, and has severe anger management issues, dangerously threatening those who consider crossing her. She was the first girl to be booted from the show when she attacked the other housemates while she was drunk.

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