Rebecca Romjin


Date Of Birth

November 6, 1972


Rebecca Alie Romijn, who was born on November 6, 1972 in Berkeley, California, previously studied music at University of California, Santa Cruz, before moving to Paris to involve herself in fashion modeling. She modeled for the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, as well as working with Victoria’s Secret. She is also a fixture on the annual lists of the most beautiful women of a number of publications.

In 1998, Rebecca Romjin became the host of MTV's House of Style and took on the big screen upon leaving the show after two years. Another television appearance of hers was being a guest on the animated talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

In 2000, she got her first major movie role, as Mystique in the film X-Men. She reprised her role on its 2003 sequel, X2: X-Men United and 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand.

Her first leading role was in Brian De Palma's Femme Fatale in 2002, after which she starred in movies such as the action film Rollerball with Chris Klein and Jean Reno and 2004’s thriller The Punisher with Thomas Jane and John Travolta. She was also in the Nick Hamm-directed horror Godsend in 2004. She returned to television to appear on The WB's short-lived series, Pepper Dennis.

Early 2007 saw Romijn joining the cast of ABC's Ugly Betty as Alexis Meade. Her character is that of a transsexual forced to undergo masculine activities by his stubborn parents. Because of the gravity of his parents’ refusal to see him transformed as a woman, he faked his own death and underwent a sex change. She revealed this later to her brother, Daniel, who is the head of MODE magazine, the company she wants to steal from him.

Romjin was also given roles in episodes of Carpoolers, where she guest-starred as the ex-wife of the character Laird who is played by real life husband Jerry O'Connell. She also lent her voice to the animated series Drawn Together. In 2008, she was cast as Jennifer in the film Lake City. The next year, she starred in the ABC series Eastwick. When that was canceled, she returned to movies and appeared in 2010’s The Con Artist, had a cameo in 2011’s X-Men: First Class, and was cast as Cheetara in the 2012 adaptation ThunderCats. In 2013, she landed one of the lead roles on the TNT drama series King and Maxwell.

Place of Birth

Berkeley, California

Birth Name

Rebecca Alie Romijn



Fun Facts

- Her first husband was John Stamos. They married in 1998 but divorced in 2005. Two years later, she married Jerry O'Connell.

- During her marriage to John Stamos Rebecca changed her name to Rebecca Romijn-Stamos both personally and professionallly. Following her divorce she removed the Stamos part.

- Unlike the X-Men comic book series, Mystique as played by Rebecca is naked in her normal blue mutant form.

- In X2- X: Men United she appears as herself in one scene only and described it on the DVD as the best time she had on X2 jokingly because she didn't have to go through the long make up sessions needed for her character which have taken 6 - 8 hours to complete.

- On Ugly Betty she played Alexis Meade, a male-to-female transsexual and the sibling of lead character Daniel Meade.

- In November 2007, Romijn made a guest appearance on the TV show Carpoolers, where she played the ex-wife of the character Laird, played by her real-life husband Jerry O'Connell.

- Her surname Romijn is said differently compared with the USA and the proper Dutch pronunciation (pronounced "Ro-MANE" in the USA — its proper Dutch pronunciation is [ro:'m?in].


2013: King and Maxwell
2012: Possessing Piper Rose (TV movie) - Joanna Maxwell
2012: Good Deeds
2011: Chuck (TV series) - Robin Cunnings
2011: NTSF:SD:SUV (TV series) - Jessie Nichols
2011: X-Men: First Class - Mystique - older
2011: The Cleveland Show (TV series) - Graduate/Speaker (voice)
2010: Worst Wedding DJ Ever (video short)
2009-2010: Eastwick (TV series) - Roxie Torcoletti
2010: The Con Artist - Belinda
2007-2008: Ugly Betty (TV series) - Alexis Meade
2008: Lake City - Jennifer
2007: Carpoolers (TV series) - Joannifer
2007: Drawn Together (TV series) - Charlotte (voice)
2006: Pepper Dennis (TV series) - Pepper Dennis
2006: X-Men: The Last Stand - Raven Darkholme/Mystique
2006: Man About Town - Nina Giamoro
2006: Lies & Alibis - Lola
2004: Tron 2.0: Killer App (Video Game) - Mercury (voice)
2004: Godsend - Jessie Duncan
2004: The Punisher - Joan
2003: TRON 2.0 (Video Game) - Mercury (voice)
2003: X2 - Raven Darkholme/Mystique
2002: S1m0ne - Faith
2002: Femme Fatale - Laure/Lily
2002: Rollerball - Aurora
2000: X-Men - Mystique
2000: Jack & Jill (TV series) - Paris Everett
1999-2000: Just Shoot Me! (TV series) - Adrienne Barker
1999: Hefner: Unauthorized (TV movie) - Kimberly Hefner
1998: Dirty Work - Bearded Lady
1997: Friends (TV series) - Cheryl


5' 11" (1.80 m)

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