Ray Seitz



Ray Seitz is not your typical pretty boy. This Kentucky native who now spends most of his time in San Diego, California graduated from California Polytechnic with an engineering degree. Right after college, he spent a year in Hawaii surfing. Pretty soon, he decided that engineering wasn't really for him so he opted to be an artist. Unlike other purportedly hot guys, his first reaction whenever he receives a compliment is to doubt the intentions of the source. However, he says he can be very pretentious, narcissistic, and competitive. He admits that money is very important to him and everything you do should have a monetary reason.

Seitz starred in the ABC reality show True Beauty that puts the spotlight on ten people who are beautiful on the outside who'd try to see if they have what the show calls "true beauty" - beauty on the inside. He was eliminated on the sixth episode of the show because of his rude comments and for looking at the files of other contestants. Since leaving the show, he has worked hard on his painting and has returned to studying art.




2009: True Beauty (TV series) - Himself

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