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Raven hails from New Orleans, Louisiana and says that she has never had a boyfriend. Although admittedly stubborn and not a very good listener, she struggles to remain rational in times of conflict.

Raven seemed to be one of the more intellectual women in Rock of Love , but this didn't help her get far in the competition. Even citing the Poison song “Every Thorn Has its Rose” as her favorite song didn't increase her chances of remaining in the show to compete for Bret Michaels ' heart. Although she was lucky enough to meet Bret – unlike the women who Big John eliminated at the top of the Rock of Love's debut episode – she wasn't able to convince him that she was worthy to stay, and at the end of the day, was eliminated from the competition, along with Krista , Bonnie , Jessica and Lauren . She had another run on reality TV, getting cast on Rock of Love: Charm School. Unfortunately, she was the first to be kicked out of the house.

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