Phaedra Parks



Phaedra Parks is a famous an entertainment lawyer who has handled many high profile cases and clients such as Jazze Pha, Too $hort, Jermaine Dupri, and Bobby Brown. A graduate of Wesleyan College, University of Georgia School of Law, she is also the managing partner of The Parks Group, P.C., a law firm based in Atlanta that mostly targets athletes and entertainers.

While she's already made a name for herself in the courtroom circuit, Phaedra has also managed to grace the small screen as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News. Additionally, she is the producer of Tiny & Toya and has been featured on shows like EXTRA, Court TV, Entertainment Tonight and Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she serves as one of the main cast members.


Birth Name

Phaedra Parks



Fun Facts

-She has represented clients such as Jazze Pha, Too $hort, Jermaine Dupri, and Bobby Brown.
-She’s married to Apollo, a man who served time in prison for a white collar crime and who happens to be seven years her junior.






“Life is full of different roads and journeys. Not every road is smooth. In order for you to grow, you need to experience different things. This is just another experience. I just hope I can do our city proud and do the legal profession proud.”

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