As one of the most popular kids in the Upper East Side prep school scene, 18-year-old PC is into photography, including fine art photography and fashion photography, other than being gorgeous and wealthy, of course. He plays ice hockey, tennis, golf, and soccer. Growing up in New York, however, he complains that he might have grown up a little too fast, after being surrounded by rock stars, artists, and the city’s literati. He views his school as a “sandbox” and he can’t wait to get out of it. As such, he plans to make a change in his partying lifestyle after realizing that college is just right around the corner. There’s also the matter of old best friend Jessie, whom he is reconnecting with. PC is one of the six privileged teenagers who are the focus of the Bravo reality show NYC Prep. The series follows the lives of so-called key players in Manhattan’s elite high school scene. Such a life can be disorienting, as it involves exclusive midnight parties, shopping sprees, and study dates. Viewers will get to know the prep’s families, their entourage, and the their guys/girls at the moment.

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