Paul Johansson


Date Of Birth

January 26, 1964


The son of ice hockey player Earl Johnson, Paul Johansson played basketball for the Canadian Olympic basketball team (as he spent his childhood in Kelowna, BC). He began writing after leaving the sport, and this led to an acting career. After making his acting debut in the daytime soap Santa Barbara in 1989, he took roles in shows such as Parker Lewis Can't Lose, Beverely Hills 90210 and two Lonesome Dove series.

In 1998 Johansson starred in Highlander: the Raven, the short-lived spin-off of Highlander. He also appeared in several films such as Glory Glory, Carnival of Souls and Edge of Madness. In 2003, he joined the cast of the WB's One Tree Hill as the devious Dan Scott; he held the role until the seventh season.

Johansson also had a successful career as a writer and director. A television movie he penned, The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie, won a Daytime Emmy in 2004. He also directed a film based on Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged.

Place of Birth

Spokane, WA

Birth Name

Paul Joseph Otto Johansson



Fun Facts



- Daytime Emmy Award, Outstanding Writing in a Children/Youth/Family Special, 2004 (for The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie)


- Soapdish (1991)
- Midnight Witness (1993)
- When the Party's Over (1993)
- She's So Lovely (1997)
- Carnival of Souls (1998)
- Glory Glory (2000)
- Berserker (2001)
- Darkness Falling (2002)
- John Q (2002)
- Edge of Madness (2002)
- Window Theory (2004)
- Alpha Dog (2006)
- Novel Romance (2006)
- Toxic (2008)
- The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

- Santa Barbara (regular, 1989-1990)
- Parker Lewis Can't Lose (recurring, 1991-1993)
- Beverly Hills 90210 (recurring, 1993-1994)
- Lonesome Dove: The Series (regular, 1994-1995)
- Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (regular, 1995-1996)
- Highlander: The Raven (regular, 1998-1999)
- Hope Island (recurring, 2000)
- The District (recurring, 2002)
- One Tree Hill (regular, 2003-2010)
- IQ-145 (recurring, 2008)


Paul, The Paul





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