Patrick Cassidy



Actor and occasional musician Patrick Cassidy was born on January 4, 1962, to actors Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones. While his childhood rendered him exposed to actors, it wasn’t until his high school years when he decided to try out acting—and only because he was injured during his stint as quarterback of his high school football team. He eventually began taking acting seriously, taking his first roles in the early 1980s. His first regular role was in the 1983 television series Bay City Blues, as a minor league baseball player; the show was, however, cancelled after only four episodes.

Regardless, he continued taking several acting gigs throughout the decade, mostly in movies for cinema and television. One such turn, the 1986 television movie Dress Gray, earned him an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of a West Point cadet. After a short stint in the television series Dirty Dancing, he appeared in films like I’ll Do Anything, How the West Was Fun and The Dark Mist, before taking a recurring role in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Younger viewers may be more familiar with him as Henry Small, the father of Lana Lang, in the television series Smallville: he appeared in a few episodes from 2002.

Cassidy also had a noted stint on stage. He debut in the 1981 national tour of The Pirates of Penzance, before reprising the same role on the Broadway production a year later. He appeared in numerous other productions, both on and off Broadway: Assassins, The Threepenny Opera, Company and 42nd Street were just some of them. In between, he took time for other television roles, doing guest turns in CSI: Miami, Without A Trace and ER; he is set to appear alongside his stepbrother David Cassidy in the sitcom Ruby and the Rockits.

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