Pasha Kovalev


Date Of Birth

January 19, 1980


Ballroom dancer Pasha Kovalev appears as a top 20 finalist on the third season of the Fox network’s reality television series So You Think You Can Dance. A native of Russia, he entered the world of dancing when he was eight years old, training formally in ballet and jazz as he grew older. Pasha classifies his techniques and dance style as a mix of Latin and ballroom dancing. His favorite professional dancer is the famous ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov, and he says that his most memorable dance experience was reaching the finals at a major international competition held in England.

While no one else in his family dances professionally, Pasha says that he has appeared in the production Lois and Lois, and hopes to be financially independent within the next ten years, dancing for fun and not just for money. He also intends to become a better dance from his experiences on the show. On SYTYCD, he has performed a waltz, a jazz routine, a cha cha, and West Coast Swing, and has only been ranked once so far in the bottom three. His choreographers have included Broadway veteran Tony Meredith, and the second season champion Benji Schwimmer . Pasha auditioned with his dance partner Anya Garnis , who also made it to the top 12 with him.

BuddyTV Exclusive Interview with Pasha Kovalev

In September 2011, Kovalev joined the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing as the new professional dancer.

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Pasha Kovalev



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Started dancing at the age of 8.




2011 - 2012 Strictly Come Dancing
2007 - 2011 So You Think You Can Dance







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