Noah Gray-Cabey


Date Of Birth

November 16, 1995


American actor and pianist Noah Gray-Cabey was born on November 16, 1995 in Chicago, Illinois. Initially starting with a toy keyboard, he yearned to play a real piano when he was only four years old. His father, surprised with his exceptional talent in the musical instrument, supported his musical career and allowed him to tour in several venues in New England. He later went to his first foreign performance in Jamaica, touring with the New England Symphonic Ensemble.

In 2001, at age five, Gray-Cabey became the youngest soloist ever to perform with an orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. He became a well-known young musician at age eight.

Because of his fame as a musician, he appeared in different television programs as early as 2001. It was only two years later, though, when he tried his luck in acting. His acting debut came when he was given a supporting role in the comedy My Wife and Kids, playing Kady’s (Parker McKenna Posey) boyfriend, Franklin Aloysius Mumford. He played the role for two seasons. After guest roles in CSI: Miami, Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer, he made his film debut, in the 2006 M. Night Shymalan project Lady in the Water. Here, he played Joey Dury, who is later discovered as “the interpreter.”

That same year, Gray-Cabey took on another major television role, this time in the NBC drama Heroes. He played the role of Micah Sanders, the son of D.L. Hawkins (Leonard Roberts) and Niki Sanders (Ali Larter), who is a child prodigy and technopath.

Following the cancellation of Heroes, Gray-Cabey appeared on CSI as Steve Reppling.

Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Noah Gray-Cabey



Fun Facts

-He is a brilliant school student.

-One of his dreams is to help poor people.

-He loves Star Wars.

-He likes to play hide and seek.

-He likes astronomy.

-He is an avid fencer.

-He likes to play basketball.


In 2007, he won a Future Classic Award along with the cast of Heroes.

In 2007, he also won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Young Actor Age Ten or Younger for Heroes.

In 2006, he won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) - Young Actor Age Ten or Younger for My Wife and Kids.


My Wife and Kids - Franklin Aloysius Mumford

CSI: Miami - Stevie Valdez

Grey's Anatomy - Shawn Beglight

Ghost Whisperer - Jameel Fisher

Lady in the Water - Joey Dury

Heroes - Micah Sanders

CSI - Steve Reppling







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