Nicole "Nikki" Davis



Nicole "Nikki" Davis is a make-up artist from Chatsworth, California and one of 15 contestants on The Biggest Loser season 14.

Nikki says her biggest motivation for losing weight is to have children with her husband.

Nikki started with 280 pounds upon joining The Biggest Loser. She became part of the White Team under trainer Jillian Michaels and struggled with her workout. Seeing her lack of motivation and concentration, Jillian gave her two options: to walk out or keep on exercising. Ultimately, Nikki decided to quit the show in the first episode.

Birth Name

Nicole Davis



Fun Facts

Is married.

Tore her ACL, MCL and meniscus at age 16.

Has one sibling, a younger brother.

Nikki was on Jillian's team (white) during her time onThe Biggest Loser.

Nikki Davis quit The Biggest Loser in week one, not even making it to the weigh in.




2013 The Biggest Loser, Season 14



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