Neil Garcia


Date Of Birth

September 16, 1978


Born on September 16, 1978 and hailing from Los Angeles, California, 29-year-old Neil Garcia is a gay man who works as a realtor for a living.  He studied criminology, criminal justice, political science and business management in college but did not earn a degree.  Neil is close to his mother, with whom he always shares a good laugh.  His mother is currently in the middle of settling a divorce, and Neil admits that he is ready to be there for her in her time of need.

Neil initially came to Los Angeles from Texas to get a shot at an acting and modeling career.  However, he was disappointed and thus gave up after he met a lot of people who he considered phony.

Neil enjoys snow boarding, running, swimming, rollerblading, lifting weights, hiking and going to the beach.  An athletic man, he likes dodge ball, kick ball, touch and ding dong ditch, which he plays with his little brother.  He also enjoys watching figure skating, snow boarding and gymnastics.  Currently single, he describes himself as loyal, outgoing and energetic.

Neil is one of the16 housemates on CBS' Big Brother 9.

Neil was paired with Joshuah .  However on Day 7, it was announced that Neil left the show due to an urgent personal matter, making him the first ever person to exit voluntarily from the house in the history of the U.S. Big Brother.  In a statement posted in Neil's MySpace account, he wrote this: “Thank you so much for the outpouring care, support, and concern from all the Big Brother fans.  This has been a difficult time for my family, which I am dealing with privately.  The drama is slowly being resolved, and all is headed to a brighter place."

(Photo courtesy of CBS)

Place of Birth

Los Angeles, California

Birth Name

Neil Garcia




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself

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