Natasha McCollum



Proud that she’s got a good education to back her up, Natasha has attended boarding school and holds big dreams. She wants to open up her own escort agency, making it big in the business in Canada. Natasha knows what to expect and prepares for it, and can deal with practically anything due to her upbringing.

On board the pink bus, Natasha became known as one of the contestants in Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels. For the third installment of the show, she joined 19 other ladies in competing for the attention and affection of rock-and-roll musician Bret Michaels. The girls underwent a variety of challenges as they accompanied Bret on tour across America. Each time the buses made a stop in a new city, surprises greeted these women until one of them stood out and found her way to Bret’s heart.

Natasha was eliminated on episode 5 of the series, even though she and Bret got along. The two of them couldn’t make it past the line of friendship, which meant she had to go home.

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Natasha McCollum

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