Myles and Cynthia Kovacs



A married couple from Los Angeles, California, Myles and Cynthia Kovacs are best known for their work in publications. Myles Kovacs was the founder of DUB Magazine, the premier journal for the customized car culture. It has a readership of over 9.5 million trendsetters per year, motivating Myles to create the “DUB Revolution.” This led to a transformation of the way businesses approach and thrive in targeting the youth market.

Furthermore, it propelled DUB Publishing, Inc., as well as its family of companies, into an annual $50 million and more businesses. Myles Kovacs has teamed up with numerous corporations for this venture. These include Pepsi, Mattel, Procter & Gamble, Energizer, Chrysler LLC, Wal-Mart, Best Buy and General Motors. Additionally, he and his wife Cynthia have two children.

Myles and Cynthia Kovacs joined the cast of Fox’s series, Secret Millionaire. The show follows the lives of several millionaires who have opted to leave their lavish world in the hopes of learning survival in an impoverished neighborhood. Required to go undercover, they will be working at minimum-wage jobs and experiencing what it’s like to live in poverty.


Fun Facts

- Myles is half Japanese and half Hungarian.


2008: Secret Millionaire (TV series) - Secret Millionaire

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