Molly Shattuck



Civic leader Molly Shattuck comes straight from Baltimore, Maryland. Married to Mayo Shattuck III, she is the mother of five children. Many of her charitable efforts have centered on raising awareness and funding for the improvement of inner-city youth lifestyle. These include the health, education and artistic development of disadvantaged adolescents.

Before she became the respected civil leader she is, she served as a Corporate Center Director for Sylvan Learning Systems. She has also previously worked as a Marketing Associate for Alex, Brown & Sons, Inc. Recently, she gained national recognition for being the oldest cheerleader in NFL history. At 38 years old, she cheered for the Baltimore Ravens.

Molly Shattuck joined the cast of Fox’s series, Secret Millionaire. The show follows the lives of several millionaires who have opted to leave their lavish world in the hopes of learning survival in an impoverished neighborhood. Required to go undercover, they will be working at minimum-wage jobs and experiencing what it’s like to live in poverty.


Place of Birth

Kittanning, Pennsylvania




2008: Secret Millionaire (TV series) - Herself

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