Mickie James


Date Of Birth

August 31, 1979


Mickie James debuted on the October 10, 2005 edition of Monday Night RAW as a rookie who’d always idolized Mickie James and was now ecstatic to be working with her. But the hero worship went further and further out of Stratus’ comfort zone, as Mickie James dressed up like Stratus for a costume contest and eliminated herself from a battle royal so that Stratus could win. She adopted Stratus’ signature wrestling moves and began making romantic overtures towards the other Diva. She grabbed Stratus for a kiss under a sprig of mistletoe, talking to her while she was in the shower and complimenting her breasts. She was undeterred after Stratus knocked her out for the win in a match at New Year’s Revolution, confessing her love to the Women’s Champion the next night on RAW. But when Stratus rejected her she went off the deep end, kidnapped her friend Ashley and vowed to destroy them both. During their match at Wrestlemania 22 the fans at the Allstate Arena in Chicago booed Stratus every time she got a move in and cheered James, who went on to win the title.

James lost the gold five months later in a match with Lita after outside interference from Edge. The fan sided with James, who retaliated with rematch after rematch, finally sending Lita into retirement on a down note after defeating and humiliating her in her last match. James won the WWE Women’s Championship that night only to lose it to Melina three months later, trying and failing to win it in a Falls Count Anywhere rematch. The two passed the title back and forth, then James passed the title back and forth with Beth Phoenix. That feud culminated in a Winner Take All match at Summerslam where the intergender tag team of James and Kofi Kingston collectively lost the Women’s Championship and Intercontinental Championship to Phoenix and Santino Marella.

Mickie Laree James, born August 31, 1979, is of Native American descent, and was raised on a farm with her sister in Montpelier, Virginia. She started riding horses when she was eleven years old after her a horse named Rhapsody. She was an honors student and played violin. Mickie James always watched professional wrestling with her father. Her favorite grapplers were “The Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat and Ric Flair. After failing a trigonometry class that threw a wrench in her academic plans for the future she enrolled in a small wrestling school in Washington DC. She started as a valet for stars like Tommy Dreamer, then became an active wrestler herself, taking her skills to a series of workshops like the Funkin’ Conservatory and the Extreme Championship Wrestling dojo. She used the name Alexis Laree, combining her stage name as a dancer with her middle name. Mickie James worked at Olive Garden to supplement her income before getting picked up by Ring of Honor, where she worked for a year.

After paying her dues with TNA! as a lingerie wrestler James became the first member of The Gathering, Raven’s stable in his campaign against Jeff Jarrett. She herself beat Jarrett in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, in which a fence is erected on one side of the ring and weapons dangle from chains that extend from it. The first person to put their opponent through two tables won. During that time she continued sending tapes and make phone calls to the WWE, they finally signed her to a developmental deal with Ohio Valley Wrestling. She often competed with men such as Bobby Lashley, as well as women like Beth Phoenix. She’s been involved with wrestlers Joey Mercury and Kenny Dykstra. While a Diva James earned her associates degree in Business Administration and is now studying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in operations management. When she retired from wrestling James hopes to return to the equestrian events that she loved as a child and open a horse breeding farm.

Place of Birth

Alexandreia, Virginia

Birth Name

Mickie Laree James



Fun Facts

Kissed Trish Stratus on live television


WWE Womens Champion









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