Michelle McLaughlin is the protective younger sister of Denise Richards. The two have been quite close their entire lives. And while Michelle does look up to her bigger sister, she has been more conventional and reserved than the actress and tabloid darling. Moreover, she is said to represent the other path Denise could’ve taken if she did not pursue acting, a stable and normal family life.

Michelle has always been by Denise’s side, even coming in as maid of honor in her 2002 wedding to actor Charlie Sheen. After a bitter divorce and the subsequent ugly rumors about her sister’s dating rocker Richie Sambora, estranged husband of her friend Heather Locklear, however, Michelle had been very keen in defending her big sister. She claimed that Richards and Sambora have always been friends and, in fact, were introduced by Locklear herself. She also had something to say about Sheen’s parents not remotely interested in seeing their granddaughters.

As she plays a huge part in Denise’s life, Michelle became known for being part of the E! reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated. The show followed Denise as she dealt with motherhood, family, romance, and even Hollywood, in light of the crazy things that happened in her life. As usual, Michelle has been there to keep Denise grounded.

Since then, the series was cancelled due to declining ratings. Denise Richards: It's Complicated ended its run in 2009.

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