Michael Rosenbaum


Date Of Birth

July 11, 1972


Michael Rosenbaum was born in Oceanside, New York, but grew up in Newburgh, Indiana. Upon graduating from Western Kentucky University with a theater arts degree, he returned to New York to pursue an acting career.

Rosenbaum's initial foray into acting - a couple of unsuccessful pilots for MTV - led him to Los Angeles, where he received bigger success. After minor roles in several films, he joined the cast of the television series Smallville, where he appeared as Lex Luthor. His seven-year stay, from 2001, earned him a Saturn Award in 2004.

Rosenbaum also established himself as a voice actor, lending his talents to animated series such as Static Shock, Batman Beyond and Teen Titans. He later became known for his role as Dutch on the FOX comedy Breaking In, which was cancelled twice and later renewed for a second season in 2012.

Place of Birth

Oceanside, NY

Birth Name

Michael Owen Rosenbaum



Fun Facts

- Michael is left-handed.

- He studied at Castle High school in Newburgh, Indiana before taking up a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Western Kentucky University. He graduated in 1995.

- He is an avid player of hockey and golf, as well as a big fan of the New York Rangers.

- He can play both acoustic and electric guitar.

- After he got his first paycheck, he bought the video arcade system of Galaga.

- In 2005, he participated in the Seattle Hockey Challenge and has done so for several years.



- Saturn Award, Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series, 2004 (for Smallville)


2011: Two-Legged Rat Bastards (short) - Young Eddie
2010: Catch .44 - Brandon
2011: Breaking In (TV series) - Dutch
2010: Brother's Justice
2010: Father of Invention - Eddie
2009: Batman: The Brave and the Bold (TV series) - Deadman/Triad Boss
2009: Untitled Family Pilot (TV movie) - Derek
2009: Fudgy Wudgy Fudge Face - Carly Carl
2008: PG Porn (TV series short) - Charlie Brown
2001-2008: Smallville (TV series) - Lex Luthor/President Lex Luthor/Zod/…
2008: Dark Sector (Video Game) - Hayden Tenno (voice)
2008: Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight (video) - Tanthalas 'Tanis' Half-Elven (voice)
2007: Kickin It Old Skool - Kip
2001-2006: Justice League (TV series) - The Flash/Wally West/Deadshot/…
2005-2006: Teen Titans (TV series) - Kid Flash
2005: Ryû ga gotoku (Video Game) - Nishiki (voice: English version)
2005: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (TV series) - Colin
2004-2005: Jackie Chan Adventures (TV series) - Drago
2005: Racing Stripes - Ruffshodd (voice)
2005: Cursed - Kyle
2000-2004: Static Shock (TV series) - Trapper/The Flash/Speedtrap
2003: Gladius (Video Game) - Valens (voice)
2003: Bringing Down the House - Todd Gendler
2003: Special (short) - Fred Molinski
2002: Poolhall Junkies - Danny
2001-2002: The Zeta Project (TV series) - Agent West
2002: Sorority Boys - Adam/Adina
2001: Rave Macbeth - Marcus
1999-2001: Batman Beyond (TV series) - Ollie/Agent West/Carl/…
2001: Sweet November - Brandon/Brandy
2001: Eyeball Eddie (short) - Skelley
2000: Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (video) - Stewart Carter Winthrop III (voice)/Ghoul (voice)
1999-2000: Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane (TV series) - Jack Cooper
2000: The Wild Thornberrys (TV series) - Tom Ravenhearst
1999: Rocket Power (TV series) - Sports Announcer
1998: Urban Legend - Parker Riley
1998: The Day I Ran Into All My Ex-Boyfriends (short) - Bart
1998: 1999 - Brick
1998: The Tom Show (TV series) - Jonathan Summers
1997: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - George Tucker
1997: The Devil & the Angel - The Devil




5' 11 1/4"


About his high school years: "I was pretty much a homebody; didn't really go to school dances, never went to a prom. I was a bit of a loner, a geek."

On having a Hollywood lifestyle: "If you call flag football, Karaoke and ice hockey a Hollywood lifestyle... then, yes."

On his best dance move: "I don't want to sound too old, but I'll drop into a moonwalk and everybody's like, 'Whoa!'"

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