As a freelance editor for entertainment news, Michael is one of Miami’s people dubbed always “in the know.” He is well aware of what’s happening to several A-list celebrities, and even works for magazines like In Touch. That’s not all he’s busy with. He’s also involved as a commentator for local and national TV shows, like CNN’s Showbiz Tonight.

Hoping to make it on his own, Michael has been hard at work with launching his own website – thestylelabonline.com. On that e-commerce site, he plans to scour and reveal everything that’s fashionable. He’s free to explore all of Miami’s hottest locales, given the nature of his job. Michael’s been to lunch meetings at the chicest hotel pools and cocktails on the hottest rooftop lounges. Still, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life’s simpler pleasures. He’s an outdoor lover who likes nothing more than relaxing with his 3-year-old poodle, Austin. When that isn’t enough, he’s hoping to find “the one” in the dramatic world of South Beach.

As one of the stars in Miami Social, Michael joins Sorah, Maria, Katrina, Hardy, George and Ariel in this reality docu-series set in the country’s liveliest city. The show follows this group of young professionals as they face their corporate duties by day and party all the way at night. There’s a lot going on in Miami, which is an international cultural melting pot of people all ready to face the South Beach sun and fun. These wealthy hopefuls are all searching for something better, and there’s no other place to find it than Miami.

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