Michael Johns


Date Of Birth

October 20, 1978


Michael Johns is a 29 year old Australian import who currently resides in Buckhead, Georgia just outside of Atlanta. He has been singing since the age of five, but has had no formal training. Michael Johns has sung in bands before, and has become well known as a very credible soul singer thanks to his American Idol audition and performances during Hollywood week.

Michael Johns was eliminated on April 10. Following his elimination, he said, "I'd be lying to say I wasn't shocked...I hadn't been in the bottom three and I thought definitely the last two or three weeks had been strongest. But we're in this competition and stuff can happen and it did."

Nonetheless, he says that he is very happy with the experience of making it to the Top 24.

"Winning the thing or not winning Idol, it just really depends on the artist, it depends on what album you make afterwards, it depends whether or not on the show you were absolutely true to yourself and did not change and I think that the people who have succeeded after Idol, from the Kimberley Lockes to the Carrie Underwoods, that's the one common thing, is that they're themselves and they stay true to their hearts," Michael said.

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Place of Birth

Perth, Australia

Birth Name

Michael Lee Johns



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6' 3"



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