Mychael Knight


Date Of Birth

April 11, 1978


Born on April 11, 1978 in Germany, Michael Knight hails from Atlanta, Georgia. He was a rejected applicant for the second season of reality TV series "Project Runway", but made it as a contestant in the show's third season. Michael was a fourth placer during the Season Finale held at Olympus Fashion Week. He was given the Fan Favorite award, and has since continued his career in design. He has his own label and has even launched a lingerie label called Kitty & Dick. He also released a fragrance called MajK and returned to Project Runway for the All-Star Challenge. He later showed his 2010 collection at Charleston Fashion Week. In 2013, he became of the contestants of Project Runway All Stars season 3. He was eliminated during the Bonnie and Clyde challenge.

Place of Birth


Birth Name

Michael Knight




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