Memphis Garrett


Date Of Birth

December 6, 1982


Born on December 6, 1982, Memphis is from Los Angeles. He works as a mixologist, which he says should not be confused with bartender. Creating !$#!#tails and other drinks, he is a party planner as well. Having graduated from Florida State University, he holds an Associate College Degree in Event Management.

Memphis’ Southern charisma is what he’s known for. When he was a teenager, he even sold fake Nike sport shoes on street corners. He has been with his girlfriend, a fashion designer who manages her store, for three years. The two have lived together for a year and a half. He also has a great relationship with his mother, ever since his father died when he was in his teens. He considers his mom a hero, and has always gotten along with his stepfather.

Memphis loves to eat seafood, and likes to watch Entourage on television. He wasn’t a big fan of Big Brother until being exposed to it when he was chosen for the show. He admits to joining the show because of the money, and isn’t ashamed of it at all. He doesn’t mind being on national television and be judged, admitting that he’s confident instead of !$#!#y. He gets along with everybody initially, and tries to work things out to compromise. He believes in respecting the opinions of others, but has limits as to what they are.

Memphis is also fond of the music of Johnny Cash among other artists. His sports preferences include basketball, in addition to working out and hiking. He also enjoys the company of his pet, a Doberman Pincher named Diesel.

He describes himself as outgoing, energetic and creative, and likes a romantic partner to match his vigor. He is a very open guy, and says that his ideal partner is someone who is fun and happy, just like he is.

On the show, he formed an alliance with his friend Dan and the two of them ended up playing against each other during the finale. Eventually, Memphis was named Runner-Up of Big Brother 10 and won the $50,000 prize.

Birth Name

Robert "Memphis" Garrett[




2008: Big Brother (TV series) - Himself



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