Mel and Mike



The Amazing Race 14
1st Leg: 4th Place
2nd Leg: 2nd Place
3rd Leg: 1st Place
4th Leg: 6th Place
5th Leg: 4th Place
6th Leg: 2nd Place
7th Leg: 6th Place/Eliminated

6th Team Eliminated - 3/29/2009

Father and son Mel and Mike are one of eleven teams racing around the world in the 14th season of The Amazing Race.

Both contestants may be very familiar to viewers of the show. 68-year-old Mel White worked as a writer, professor, filmmaker and Christian pastor, before taking on the challenge as a gay-rights activist. His youngest son, 38-year-old Mike, is a writer, director and film actor, having worked both in front and behind the camera for films such as School of Rock and Nacho Libre.

“Ridiculously pale” Mike came out when he was 11, but everything went well with the family—in fact, Mel remained married to his wife until his children entered college. Both are well-traveled, opinionated and passionate, and they hope they can work the race in a different way than the rest—with their wit and good communication—while, at the same time, having the most extraordinary bonding experience of their lives.

Birth Name

Mel and Mike


Both Male


The Amazing Race, Season 14, 6th Place


"Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me" – Mel
"It Was Like a Caravan of Idiots" – Mike

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