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Megg Morales is an aspiring model from Los Angeles, California. She was a retail stock clerk and had done a bit of modeling before she became a Finalist on America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7. Aside possessing a talent for modeling, Megg also knows how to sing and play the guitar. She is a big fan of rock and roll music.

Megg was the fourth girl eliminated from America's Next Top Model, Cycle 7. On Megg's final week on the show, the photo shoot was about capturing the enigmatic world of a traveling circus and freak show. All the girls were given different assignments, and Megg was tasked to portray a bearded woman. She was unable to look more natural in her photographs, and her failure disappointed Top Model, Jay Manuel. Jay had expected a lot from Megg because she did very well during her audition. Upon seeing her picture from the "Circus Freak Show" photo shoot, Megg was dismayed and tried desperately to justify her failure. Sadly, the judges still felt that Megg, although beautiful, did not possess enough potential to become a model, and so they sent her home.

Although Megg was upset about being eliminated, she still continued to pursue a career in modeling. In an interview with Reality TV Magazine, she discussed her plans of focusing on her music and rock band. She has since signed with Red Model Management.

Megg Morales' Pictures:

Episode 1: Modeling Stereotypes

The Drunk/Druggie Model

Episode 2: Do You Own the Hair or Does the Hair Own You?

Episode 3: Shaky Catwalk

Episode 4: Freakshow Circus

Bearded Lady

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Los Angeles, California

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Megg Morales




2006: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself

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