Megan Davis



From Des Moines, IA comes 5’11” model Megan Davis, who became involved in the fashion industry once she sent her portfolio at a local agency. Once she was signed, she landed jobs immediately. She appeared on Celeb Life magazine and modeled for Tavik swimwear.

Having taken classes in fashion design, Megan does her best in trying to understand what it takes to be a model. She only began modeling professionally in 2009, after completing her degree at Johnston High School and one semester of college at the University of Northern Iowa. For fun, she enjoys surfing and watching shows like Californication and Family Guy.

But when it comes down to business, Megan Davis takes things seriously. To further her career, she auditioned as a contestant on Project Runway’s sister show, Models of the Runway. Both series air on the Lifetime Network, and pits the contestants against one another to win the top prize.

The 16 models were paired with a designer from the show, but Models of the Runway will feature more scenes regarding the backstage drama that occurs during the competition. Each model will share their perspective, from the tears to the laughs they all experienced while being on the series. She was the sixth to be eliminated from the competition.

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