McCrae Olson



McCrae Olson is one of the cast members of Big Brother Season 15. He comes from Oak Grove, Minnesota and currently works as a pizza delivery boy. He considers himself as someone funny and calculating, and thinks that playing like James from season 6 is the best way to win the game. He became the first HoH of the the season. He also won Power of Veto during the first week of the competition. In week 4, he celebrated his 24th birthday in the house. In week 9, he was nominated for the first time by HoH Elissa. However, Amanda, who won the PoV, used it to save him. In week 10, he was nominated by HoH GinaMarie alongside Amanda, whom he has a showmance with. He then won the PoV and used it to save himself. During the double eviction, he became the HoH and nominated Elissa and GinaMarie. In week 11, he was nominated by HoH Spencer along with GinaMarie. He then won the Power of Veto and saved himself but was nominated yet again by Andy. He was then evicted.



Fun Facts

-He like playing video games and ice hockey.
-He's scared of ventriloquist dummies.
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Big Brother, Season 15

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