Max and Katie



Max is in Cigar Sales and currently represents Rocky Patel Premium Cigar Company and sells cigars to wholesalers, distributor and retailers.

Katie is a Pharmacists and works in a long term care facility where she focuses on safe and clinically effective medication use and provides counsel to patients on the proper use and adverse effects of their medications.

Max and Katie are newlyweds and you can currently watch them on season 22 of The Amazing Race.

They were the the last team to arrive at the pit stop in episode 6 but it was a non-elimination leg.

Max and Katie came in 2nd place for 'The Amazing Race' 22.

Place of Birth

Buffalo, N.Y.

Birth Name

Katie Bichler
Max Bichler


Katie is a Female
Max is a male

Fun Facts

Katie Bichler Max Bichler joined The Amazing Race as newlyweds. Max was 30 and Katie was 24. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

Katie loves to travel but is terrified of getting sick in another country, she also says she reminds herself of Bethany Frankel because she is a hard worker. Her biggest pet peeve with Max is that he has no respect or consideration for anyone’s time and is always late.

Max states that one of the accomplishments he is most proud of is moving to Boston and becoming successful on his own. His biggest pet peeve with Katie is not listening to him when he knows he is right.

Both newlyweds hope that by participating in The Amazing Race they can work out any issues they have with communication and learn how to share responsibility and work as a team.


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