Matthew and Daniel


Date Of Birth



Matthew Davis is a Lieutenant firefighter in Gaffney, SC.. He has a daughter.

Daniel Moss is also a firefighter in South Carolina.

Both men went to the same college and were hired as firefighters on the same day.

They were the the first team to be eliminated from season 22.

Birth Name

Matthew Davis
Daniel Moss



Fun Facts

Matthew Davis and Daniel Moss joined The Amazing Race as a team of best friends and firefighters. Matthew was 25 and Daniel was 24. They were one of 11 teams in season 22

Matthew describes himself as "witty, funny and outgoing." He loves playing basketball and football.

One of Matthew's favorite things to do in the fall is go to haunted houses.

Matthew says his Amazing Race partner, Daniel, reminds him of Larry the Cable Guy. And his pet peeve about Daniel is that he picks his nose.

Daniel Moss describes himself as "funny, outgoing and charming." He enjoys hunting and fishing.

Daniel describes his Amazing Race partner as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. And Matthew's attitude and the fact that he is always right can get on his nerves.


In high school Daniel Moss won 2 state football championships.








Matthew Davis on what scares him most about traveling: "The unknown! We are not very “cultured” people so we don’t know much about how other countries operate."

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