Masi Oka


Date Of Birth

December 27, 1974


Masi Oka moved to Los Angeles from Tokyo when he was six years old. He graduated from Brown University with degrees in computer science and mathematics in 1997. He first worked with George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic, doing visual effects for the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Oka began his acting career in 2000, with his first major acting gig being a recurring role in NBC's Scrubs. In 2003, he took part in Fox's short-lived comedy Luis. His breakthrough role, however, came two years later, when he signed on as Hiro Nakamura in Heroes: he earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, all while continuing work at ILM.

Oka later appeared in films such as Get Smart, Fired Up and Friends with Benefits. He recently joined the CBS drama Hawaii Five-0 as coroner Max Bergman; he was promoted to series regular at the start of the second season.

Place of Birth

Tokyo, Japan

Birth Name

Masayori Oka



Fun Facts

- He has a 180-plus IQ.

- He got on the Cover of Time Magazine only because he knew the photographer.

- He came out in The Jamie Kennedy Experiment as a foul mouthed sushi cook.


- Saturn Award, Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program, 2007 (for Heroes)


- Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
- Uh Oh! (2003)
- Along Came Polly (2004)
- Chester's Big Night (2004)
- God Wears My Underwear (voice, 2005)
- One Sung Hero (2006)
- Balls of Fury (2007)
- The Promotion (2008)
- Get Smart (2008)
- Fired Up! (2009)
- Friends with Benefits (2011)

- Scrubs (recurring, 2002-2004)
- Luis (regular, 2003)
- Heroes (regular, 2006-2010)
- Hawaii Five-0 (recurring, 2010-2011; regular, 2011-present)




5' 6 1/2"


"You know, I've actually been very good about not going on the Internet, I only look at things that my publicist and my friends send me, although I did see this one thing that my publicist sent me, I went online and it said, 'oh my god, Hiro Nakamura, I love him so much. I want to make him my pet. I want to lock him up, talk to him, kiss him, I want to make him literally my pet.' You know what, as long as they feed me, I'm all for it."

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