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Born on November 11, 1978, Mary Sartain lived in Quito, Ecuador when she was just five years of age. She later moved to Oahu, Hawaii when she was 18 years old to explore island living, and eventually moved to San Francisco and then Walnut Creek, California. Mary was educated in California State, Hayward, where she took art and business courses. She also attended real estate school and is currently in Broker School. Today, Mary is the co-owner and supervisor of Statewide Financial, which houses a team of loan officers, salespersons and assistants.

When not working, Mary enjoys painting, basketball and Bikram yoga. Describing herself as energetic, strong-willed and an achiever, she is most proud of realizing her potential at a very young age and having been in business since she was 19 years old. A born leader, she believes that her skills can bring people together towards a common goal. Mary currently resides in Emeryville, California with her two Abyssinian cats.

Mary Sartain is one of ten fans competing against the Survivor favorites on its sixteenth installment, Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites.

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Quito, Ecuador

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Mary Sartain



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