Marcellas Reynolds


Date Of Birth

November 9, 1972


Marcellas Reynolds was born on November 9, 1972 and has resided in Chicago, Illinois. Before he was a contestant on the reality series, Big Brother, Marcellas had been working as a successful fashion model, and was represented by several high-profile modeling agencies like Ford, Beatrice (in Milan) and Goodfellas (in London). His modeling career gave him the opportunity to travel extensively, working in such places as Milan, Paris, London and New York. Additionally, Marcellas has modeled for popular designers like Jhane Barnes, BCBG, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. Marcellas' other projects include hosting the online show, House Calls, and working on the BET makeover series, REMIXED.

Marcellas spent a total of 69 days in the Big Brother house during the show's third season. Although he had won the Golden Power of Veto, he declined to use it thinking that his friend and ally, , would not vote for him come the eviction ceremony. This turned out to be a poor judgment call, as Danielle did vote against him, which consequently made Marcellas the 9th contestant evicted.

As a returning contestant on Big Brother: All-Stars, Marcellas came short of maintaining (or exceeding) his position in his previous participation. He finished in 9th place, after nominated him in place of Danielle, who had been responsible for Marcella's elimination on season 3. The other contestants voted unanimously for Marcella's eviction, and he automatically became the first member of the jury.

Since his stint on the show ended, he has continued his career writing for magazines and interviewing celebrities. He also booked a role in the movie Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat.

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Birth Name

Marcellas Reynolds

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