Marc Blucas


Date Of Birth

January 11, 197


American actor Marc Blucas was born on January 11, 1972 in Butler, Pennsylvania. An aspiring basketball player, he played the sport during his stint at Girard High School. He would later enter the varsity team at Wake Forest University until his graduation in 1994. After failing to enter the NBA, he moved to England and played for the defunct Manchester Giants, a team in the British Basketball League. He then decided to pursue a career as a lawyer, but changed his mind and took up acting instead.

From his screen debut in the 1995 television movie Inflammable, Blucas has appeared in several films—Dilemma, Eddie and Pleasantville, where he played a small role as the town’s basketball hero—as well as guest roles on television. In 1999, he took on the role in which he is most recognized. He joined the cast of the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Riley Finn, the boyfriend of lead Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar). His character worked undercover for the Initiative, although she would later find out about it in the fourth season. Blucas initially thought he blew the audition, but was later invited back by series creator Josh Whedon; he appeared as a regular in the whole of the fourth and part of the fifth season.

After his departure from Buffy, Blucas appeared in numerous other films: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, We Were Soldiers, View from the Top, The Alamo, First Daughter and Meet Dave, among others. Only recently did he start taking lead roles in films, such as the film adaptation of the novel Thr3e and the thriller flick The Killing Floor. He also took guest roles in House and the American version of Eleventh Hour. In 2011, he was cast in Body of Proof and as Matthew on Necessary Roughness. Apart from acting, he has reentered the world of basketball, coaching the basketball team of an all-girls school in Los Angeles.

Place of Birth

Butler, Pennsylvania

Birth Name

Marcus Paul Blucas



Fun Facts

- He is married to actress Ryan Haddon.

- He is the coach for the basketball team of an all-girls Catholic high school in California.



2011: Touchback - Hall
2011: Necessary Roughness (TV series) - Matthew
2011: Body of Proof (TV series) - Doctor Chandler
2011: Red State - ATF Sniper
2010: Law & Order: Los Angeles (TV series) - Chip Jarrow
2010: Knight and Day - Rodney
2010: True Blue (TV movie) - J.D. Conlin
2009: Castle (TV series) - Jeremy Preswick
2009: Lie to Me (TV series) - Jack Rader
2009: Mother and Child - Steven
2009: Stuntmen - Eligh Supreme
2009: Stay Cool - Brad Nelson
2009: Deadline - David
2009: See Kate Run (TV movie) - Jack Brookshire
2008: Animals - Jarrett
2008: Eleventh Hour (TV series) - Detective McNeil
2008: Meet Dave - Mark
2007: The Jane Austen Book Club - Dean
2007: House M.D. (TV series) - John Kelley
2007: The Killing Floor - David Lamont
2007: After Sex - Christopher
2007: Judy's Got a Gun (TV movie) - Richard Palm
2006: Thr3e - Kevin Parson
2004: First Daughter - James Lansome
2004: The Alamo - James Bonham
2003: One Flight Stand (short) - Ben
2003: View from the Top - Tommy Boulay
2003: Prey for Rock & Roll - Animal
2003: I Capture the Castle - Neil Cotton
2002: They - Paul Loomis
2002: Sunshine State - Scotty Duval
1999-2002: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV series) - Riley Finn
2002: We Were Soldiers - 2nd Lt. Henry Herrick
2001: Summer Catch - Miles Dalrymple
2001: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - The Guy
1999: House on Haunted Hill - Period Film Actor
1999: The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human - The Female's Ex-Boyfriend
1999: Undressed (TV series) - Billy
1999: Clueless (TV series) - Doug Sampson
1999: The '60s (TV movie) - Buddy Wells
1998: Pleasantville - Basketball Hero
1998: Arli$$ (TV series) - McNamara
1997: Dilemma - SWAT Team
1996: Eddie - Bench Knicks
1995: Inflammable (TV movie) - Evans


6' 2" (1.88 m)

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