Madeline Zima


Date Of Birth

September 16, 1985


American actress Madeline Rose Zima was born on September 16, 1985 in New Haven, Connecticut. The sister of actresses Yvonne Zima and Vanessa Zima, she has appeared in a number of films and TV series. She grew up in Pennsylvania, and early on in her career, she worked with a New York agent who enabled her to do modeling and commercials.

Skilled at comedy, improv, and drama, Madeline Zima and her sister, Vanessa, were discovered by Woody Allen. They were soon cast in his movie, Alice. Madeline was actually acting at a very young age, since at 23 months, she was chosen to appear on a national commercial for Downy fabric softener. Despite her initial intent to quit show business, she accepted a role in The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, directed by the Academy Award-winning Curtis Hanson. Since she received critical acclaim, she followed up the performance with a 1993 short film, The Last Supper. It became a favorite at the Sundance Film Festival, and was directed by Daryl Hannah. This allowed her to land the role of Grace Sheffield on the TV sitcom The Nanny, starring Fran Drescher. The show became a hit, and the actress moved from the East Coast to Los Angeles to continue filming.

Zima continued to appear on shows like JAG, Touched by an Angel, Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven. She is also renowned for her role on the TV film The Sandy Bottom Orchestra, where she convinced many that she was a professional violinist. She was later cast as an evil stepsister on the movie A Cinderella Story, and followed this up with a number of roles on independent films. She was seen on Looking for Sunday, the black comedy Legacy and the horror Dimples. She played another violinist on the pilot 3 Lbs.

After guest roles on Grey’s Anatomy and Ghost Whisperer, Madeline Zima joined the cast of David Duchovny’s new series Californication. She also signed on for Heroes season 4 as the character Gretchen, Claire's quirky roommate. Most recently, she was cast in The Family Tree and My Own Love Song.

Place of Birth

New Haven, Connecticut

Birth Name

Madeline Rose Zima



Fun Facts

She as considered for the lead role in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

She was voted number 64 in FHM's "Sexiest Women in the World" in 2009.

She was voted number 5 in "Sexiest Women in the World" FHM Online in 2009).




The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
Law & Order
Mr. Nanny
The Last Supper
The Nanny
'Til There Was You
Touched by an Angel
The Rose Sisters
Second Chances
Lethal Vows
Chasing Secrets
Chicken Soup for the Soul
The Sandy Bottom Orchestra R
The Big Leaf Tobacco Company
The Nightmare Room
King of the Hill
Gilmore Girls
7th Heaven
A Cinderella Story
Strong Medicine
Looking for Sunday
3 lbs.
Ghost Whisperer
Grey's Anatomy Marissa
The Collector
My Own Love Song
The Family Tree
My Boys


Mad, Maddie, Madsters


5' 8" (1.73 m)



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