Luke Menard


Date Of Birth

December 1, 1978


Luke Menard is a 29 year old from Crawfordsville, Indiana. He is the oldest member of American Idol's Top 24 this season. We know very little about Luke Menard, since American idol neglected to give the man any screen time during the audition episodes or the Hollywood round. He's a fan of James Taylor and Maroon 5, so we know that Luke Menard at least has well-rounded taste.

Luke's stint on American Idol ended on March 6, when he was eliminated alongside Kady Malloy, Asiah Epperson and Danny Noriega.

"It's a tough career," Luke said about his efforts in breaking into the music industry. "I've made big sacrifices also. I toured in the a capella group for the last six years, and I made a big decision to leave that group to pursue American Idol. It's a huge risk, but the way I've always looked at it is you can’t further your career unless you're willing to take those risks. So, it's a risk I've taken and it brought me to the Top 16, so I'm hoping that this will spur a big career for myself."

Shortly before the finale of the show aired, Menard discovered he had a type of cancer known as Hodgkin lymphoma. Jane Victor told CBS News, "Luke had a lingering cough and was having trouble breathing deeply, so he went to the doctor to have it checked out. The suspicion was walking pneumonia. But after a chest x-ray doctors saw a mass and did more testing, which is what led to the stage II Hodgkin diagnosis."

Hodgkin lymphoma has one of the highest success rates of treatment for any type of cancer, so Menard and his wife remain hopeful. He is currently seeking treatment.


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Place of Birth

Crawfordsville, Indiana

Birth Name

Luke Menard



Fun Facts

Started singing when he was a freshman in high school.

Played the violin for 6 years as a child.

His idea of a good vacation is being at home for at least one week, watching movies on surround sound, making smoothies, working out at the same gym and sleeping in his own bed as he falls asleep playing Xbox.

Luke has been married for 4 years to his beautiful wife Lara, who he met in college.

If he wasn't able to sing, he'd most enjoy being a cliff diver.

He always applies Chap Stick before performing.

He's into weightlifting and motorcycle riding in his spare time.

His favorite musical artists include: Eva Cassidy, Tracy Chapman, Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, Keane, Maroon 5, Billy Joel, and Four Horsemen.




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"Don't fight. But if you have to... hit first and hit hard."

"I want to prove to America that I can entertain them with quality singing and maintain a positive moral lifestyle at the same time."

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