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Vito was born in Columbus, Ohio. He moved to Bellefontaine, Ohio when he was a small child. He grew up outside Mad River Mountain. He attended Stratton Mountain School in Vermont and turned pro in 2006. After high school he relocated to Utah to continue his snowboarding career.

Vito has been a multi-tasker since childhood, taking on numerous activities and hobbies at a very young age. However, once he found skiing and snowboarding, there was no looking back. At 17, Vito became prominent on the professional snowboarding scene by completing a backside 1080 at the Australia Open – making him the first rider to successfully pull off the complex move. This helped propel him to the top of the podium, winning his first of two consecutive championships there.

In 2008, Vito was crowned the overall Chevy U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix series title champion. That year, he went on to win the Killington Grand Prix on the heels of winning the Tamarack Grand Prix. He then found himself on top of the podium again, a mere two days later, at The Jeep King of the Mountain Superpipe Championships in Squaw Valley, California. Vito continued as he won the Etnies GVR and took second place at the Vans Cup in a hotly contested battle for the championship with superstar Danny Kass.

Recently, Vito co-won the U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix series title championship making it his second consecutive title. He finished first at the Copper Mt. Grand Prix and 2nd at both the Grand Prix at Boreal and the World Cup in La Molina, Spain.

Vito has been featured on ABC Family’s Switched. Additionally, Vito has made numerous appearances on Daily Habits on Fuel TV, as well as features on Fusion and RSN TV. Vito has had feature stories on all the major TV networks as well as many cable stations including ESPN. Vito even tried his hand at commentating when he had his debut on WGN-TV’s Fruit by the Foot Junior Jam.

Vito is currently appearing on Dancing with the Stars.[1][2] He is partnered with former So You Think You Can Dance contestant Chelsie Hightower. In addition to his dance rehearsals for the show, Vito is intensively training for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

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