Lori Loughlin


Date Of Birth

July 28, 1964


Lori Loughlin started her career at age 12, when she worked as a model. Already a well-known face in her teens, she took her first major acting gig in 1980, when she joined the ABC soap The Edge of Night. Later that decade, she would take her first major primetime role, in the comedy series Full House; she stayed on the show until it wrapped up in 1995.

After a role in the shortlived sitcom Hudson Street, Loughlin focused on TV movies, and made her return to the big screen in 1999's Suckers. In 2004 she returned to regular television work in the drama series Summerland, for which she won a Prism Award. After a stint in another short-lived series, In Case of Emergency, she joined the cast of the CW's 90210, as Debbie Wilson. She was then cast as Diana Marshall on the 2010 TV movie Meet My Mom.

Loughlin was married twice. Her second husband is fashion designer Mossimo Giannuli, with whom she has two daughters.

Place of Birth

Queens, New York, NY

Birth Name

Lori Anne Loughlin



Fun Facts



2006: Prism Award - Performance in a Drama Series Storyline for: "Summerland"
1987: Young Artist Awards - Michael Landon Award for "CBS Schoolbreak Special". Shared.


2008-2011: 90210 (TV series) - Debbie Wilson
2010: A Soldier's Love Story (TV movie) - Dana Marshall
2009: Old Dogs - Amanda
2007: Moondance Alexander - Gelsey Alexander
2007: In Case of Emergency (TV series) - Dr. Joanna Lupone/Joanna
2006: Ghost Whisperer (TV series) - Christine Greene
2006: Farce of the Penguins - Melvin-Smacking Penguin
2006: Jake in Progress (TV series) - Lindsay
2004-2005: Summerland (TV series) - Ava Gregory
2005: 1-800-Missing (TV series) - Dr. Joy Gribben
2004: Justice League (TV series) - Dr. Tracy Simmons
2002: The Drew Carey Show (TV series) - Robin
2002: Birds of Prey (TV series) - Black Canary/Caroline Lance
2002: Eastwick (TV movie) - Sukie Ridgemont
2001: Spin City (TV series) - Michelle
2001: Cursed (TV series) - Natalie Keith
2000: Critical Mass - Janine
1999: Suckers - Donna Deluca
1997: Medusa's Child (TV movie) - Dr. Linda McCoy
1997: Seinfeld (TV series) - Patty
1997: Casper: A Spirited Beginning (TV movie) - Sheila Fistergraff
1997: The Price of Heaven (TV movie) - Leslie
1997: Suddenly Susan (TV series) - Paula
1997: Tell Me No Secrets (TV movie) - Jess Koster
1997: In the Line of Duty: Blaze of Glory (TV movie) - Jill Erickson
1995-1996: Hudson Street (TV series) - Melanie Clifford
1988-1995: Full House (TV series) - Becky Katsopolis/Becky Donaldson
1995: Abandoned and Deceived (TV movie) - Gerri Jensen
1994: One of Her Own (TV movie) - Toni Stroud
1993: A Stranger in the Mirror (TV movie) - Jill Castle
1993: Empty Cradle (TV movie) - Jane Morgan
1992: To Grandmother's House We Go (TV movie) - Win-O-Lotto Lottery Hostess
1992: Doing Time on Maple Drive (TV movie) - Allison
1992: Inside America's Totally Unsolved Lifestyles (TV movie) - "Another Look"
Anchor 1990: ABC TGIF (TV series) - Rebecca
1986-1988: CBS Schoolbreak Special (TV series) - Kelly/Sally
1988: CBS Summer Playhouse (TV series) - Tammy
1988: The Night Before - Tara Mitchell
1987: Back to the Beach - Sandi
1986-1987: The Equalizer (TV series) - Jenny Morrow
1987: A Place to Call Home (TV movie) - Jenny Gavin
1986: The Brotherhood of Justice (TV movie) - Christie
1986: Rad - Christian
1985: North Beach and Rawhide (TV movie) - Candy Cassidy
1985: Secret Admirer - Toni
1985: The New Kids - Abby McWilliams
1983: Amityville 3-D - Susan Baxter
1983: The Tom Swift and Linda Craig Mystery Hour (TV movie) - Linda Craig
1982: Matt Houston (TV series) - Sue
1980-1983: The Edge of Night (TV series) - Jody Travis #1
1979: Too Far to Go (TV movie) - Young Judith Maple
1972: Great Performances (TV series) - Kay Cork
1971: The Smith Family (TV series)
1971: My Three Sons (TV series) - Wendy







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