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The Amazing Race 12
1st Leg: 4th Place
2nd Leg: 1st Place
3rd Leg: 8th Place
4th Leg: 8th Place/Eliminated (U-Turned by Shana & Jennifer)

4th Team Eliminated - 11/25/2007

Exclusive Interview: Lorena and Jason

Lorena Segura and Jason Widener appear together as one of the contestant pairs in the 12th season of the Emmy Award-winning CBS competitive reality television series The Amazing Race. They are a romantic couple who have dated each other before, and both of them hail from Sherman Oaks, CA. Lorena is 27 years old and works as a bartender, while Jason is 33 years old and earns a living as a wedding videographer and actor. They first got to know each other at a bar almost half a decade ago, and entered into the whole process of dating and courtship in an attempt to find out if they were really meant for each other.

While they live together in the same home, their varying work schedules spare little leisure time for them to fully enjoy together. They have had to contend with cultural differences stemming from their upbringing, and thus entered the Race as a test for their relationship. Aside from his work at weddings, Jason is also a martial arts instructor, and he enjoys rock climbing and yoga. On the other hand, Lorena is also an actress. They both acknowledge that in the past, they had some issues which arose due to Lorena’s jealousy.

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The Amazing Race, Season 12, 8th Place






"Please, Lord, Give Me Milk" – Lorena

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