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Lisa Millard became known as a contestant in season two of the HGTV reality series Design Star. She is a native of Berwick, Pennsylvania and has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from Bloomsburg University, as well as having completed one year of a master’s program at the University of the Arts. Her main profession is working as an interior designer for restaurants. She believes that a designer’s best friend is imagination, and her secret weapon is her artwork and texture.

Her design style boils down to making punk not just accepted, but elegant as well. Among her other favorite styles are postmodern, contemporary, and old world. She has said that a designer should be willing to take risks, while avoiding arrogance and simply remaining sufficiently confident about one’s work. Her favorite designers are Alexander McQueen and Karim Rashid, and she states that if she weren’t working as a designer, she’d be a mixed-media professor instead. She also says that she’s proficient at manipulating mundane materials into interesting design elements, and she dreams of working together with rock stars like Butch Walker.

On the series Design Star, she was unfortunately the first to be eliminated. She has since returned to her job as an interior designer and is hoping to branch out.

(Photo courtesy of HGTV)

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