Lex Medlin



American comedic actor Lex Medlin was born on March 30, 1969. He has appeared on a variety of commercials and sitcoms, and is noted for his droll facial expressions. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts to train for his career, which he began by doing local and Spanish-market ads that earned him critical acclaim. In 1993, Lex Medlin obtained a small role in the hit series Beverly Hill 90210, appearing on the episode “Radio Daze.” He continued his string of guest roles, which include those in Silk Stalkings, Team Knight Rider, One World and Charmed. In 1999, he received a small role in the hit series Friends, getting featured in the episode “The One with the Routine.” The next year began with a role in Film Club, followed by the TV production titled Bad Haircut. He was also on an episode of Jack & Jill, on Titus, and on Married to the Kellys. In 2003, he played the character Tom on A Couple on the Side, and was later seen on five episodes of the comedy series Still Standing. This was followed by a recurring role in Rock Me, Baby as Kevin, and later on Mating Rituals and Releaf. In 2005, Medlin played Dowd in the Cuts episode “The Hook Up” and later starred in the pilot episode of The Middle. Other credits to his name are The Hot Sand and The Man Who Ate Too Much. He also voiced several characters in the video game called The Sopranos: Road to Respect. In 2008, Medlin got the part of Larry Cone in the Fox series Happy Hour. The series was short-lived, and was canceled in 2007 with only four episodes aired. For the series, he got to work with John Sloan, Nat Faxon, Jamie Denbo, Beth Lacke, and Brooke D’Orsay. Medlin later worked on the comedy sci-fi film Quality Time. The many campaigns that Lex Medlin include those for Dockers with Stain Defender, Gardetto’s, Gateway Computers, Geico Direct, Kia Spectra, Loctite PowerGrab, Selsun Blue, SkyTel, T-Mobile, and Twix.

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