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Lauri Waring, a resident of the illustrious Orange County and one of the stars in the reality show The Real Housewives of Orange County , has worked very hard to get to where she is. Lauri is busy working as an assistant for an insurance company owned by her friend Vicki Gunvalson. The business is contuining to grow and so is Lauri's income. She raises all of her three children alone but has managed to find some time to join the dating scene again.

In season two, Lauri is happily spending time with her new boyfriend, George. They have decided to bring their two families together, which includes George’s four kids and Lauri’s three. However, the situation is still far from becoming a fairytale as Lauri’s oldest daughter Ashley still has no direction in life but has managed to take control of the condominium. Lauri’s son, Josh, is studying at a boarding school in Southern California

Lauri’s idyllic love affair with George has ended in as fairy tale fashion as possible up to this point.  On September 8, 2007, the two were married in ceremonies held at their Orange County home.  They now continue to live as an extended family of sorts, with her children from her previous relationship and George’s from his past marriage.  While she and her nine-year old daughter, Sophie, live with George’s three girls, 11-year old Bria, 14-year old Danyka and 18-year old McKenzie, Lauri’s oldest daughter, 22-year old Ashley, has moved into Lauri’s townhouse.  She continues to work as a spokesperson for the OC Energy drink, while also looking into careers in real estate and broadcast journalism.  Meanwhile, her brother Josh, is a constant source of anxiety and concern for Lauri.

Career-wise, Lauri has since moved out of Vicki’s home office and has set up shop at her own residence, where she still sells insurance, at the same time developing her Bella Roche jewelry collection.

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