Lauren Utter


Date Of Birth

February 17, 1985


Lauren Utter, an artist from Brooklyn, New York, was a contestant on America's Next Top Model cycle 10. Her makeover was receiving a long blonde weave with red highlights.  Standing 6'0" tall, Lauren is cycle 10's tallest contestant.

In episode 7, Lauren was complimented for looking pretty in the go-sees challenges.  But she was also told that she looked uncomfortable.

During the episode's photoshoot, the girls where asked to pose on a clear Mylar sheet in the water, Lauren struggled with the challenge.  She had problems with her contact lens and she blew air bubbles with her nose.  Lauren described the experience a stimulation overload.

"What's really interesting is Lauren's our little awkward girl we thought couldn't pose in-front of the camera.  Actually, this is the first day that Lauren looked awkward in-front of the camera,” commented Jay.  Lauren said she really tried her best and hoped she did well but she received negative reviews instead.  Nigel said it was a very unusual shot.  “Almost looks like she's dead," Nigel added.  It also wasn't easy for Lauren to explain why she was distracted during the shoot.  Even Tyra said it was her weakest photo in the whole competition.

Despite all those negative comments, Paulina thought Lauren's face was gorgeous and that it was slightly less Frankensteiny than Claire's, who was instead eliminated.

Lauren also sided with Claire when the latter scolded Dominique because of her alarm clock.  Lauren, Whitney and Claire also badmouthed Dominique and kept on talking about her even if she was in the same room with them.

On the ninth episode, Lauren accidentally cut her thumb while chopping onions.  The wound was so severe that she had to get it stitched.  Luckily, there was something good for her that day as she was dubbed the CoverGirl of the Week.

When the girls were interviewed on the red carpet by Lara Spencer, Lauren cursed and was reprimanded for being unprofessional.

After making it to the final six, Lauren and the other girls traveled to Italy, but Lauren felt like she didn’t fit in with the rest of the girls or the style of the city. She spent much of her time moping around and slamming things around the apartment. In Italy, the girls filmed a 30-second Cover Girl commercial in Italian, but Lauren barely spoke at an audible volume and looked miserable the entire time. Her commercial was deemed the worst of the group, and was sent packing. Lauren was the eighth model to be eliminated from America's Next Top Model cycle 10. She still pursued a career in modeling, even joining Modelville. She later quit and worked with Pomp and Circumstance magazine before appearing on Project Runway.

(Photo courtesy of CW)

Place of Birth

Brooklyn, New York,

Birth Name

Lauren Utter




2008: America's Next Top Model (TV series) - Herself



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