Laura Shields


Date Of Birth

19th September 1984


Laura Shields was born in Manchester, UK. This British girl's life revolved on school and horses. Getting into the world of modeling was just purely unexpected as this thought never crossed her mind. She got discovered while she was shopping with her friends. This rare opportunity eventually led to numerous projects. She became part of the Elite model agency and was known as the "face of Manchester". She even took a qualifying test and joined Mensa which obviously proves her unique brilliance.

This beauty and brains model can be seen on the TV game show Deal or No Deal. When Season 2 starts, she holds case number 22 permanently to replace Donna Feldman.

Laura Shields left when Season 3 starts and was being replaced by Lianna Grethel. But later, Lianna Grethel left in the middle of Season 3 and was being replaced by Crystal Monte.

(Photos courtesy of NBC)

Place of Birth

Manchester United Kingdon

Birth Name

Laura Shields



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