Laura San Giacomo


Date Of Birth

November 14 1962


Laura San Giacomo is an Italian-American actress, born on November 14, 1962 in Hoboken, New Jersey. After earning a degree in fine arts at the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, she proceeded to appear in several theater productions, such as Wrong Turn at Lungfish, Three Sisters, Beirut and Crimes of the Heart. Laura San Giacomo became famous for her turn in the famed Palme d’Or winner sex, lies and videotape, and continued working on several television series such The Stand, Fallen Angels, Batman Beyond, Gargoyles, and Veronica Mars. One of her most well-known roles is as Maya Gallo in the sitcom Just Shoot Me! Aside from acting, she’s also a dedicated advocate of children’s welfare, helping create and fund a charter school for children suffering from cerebral palsy.

Other than her television work, Laura San Giacomo is also best known for her role in the blockbuster hit Pretty Woman. What paved the way for more roles, however, was an 1989 episode of Miami Vice called Leap of Faith where she played the role of Tania Lewis. The same episode also featured an appearance by her would-be husband Cameron Dye. After a glittering career at the movies, San Giacomo wanted to work but didn’t want to sacrifice her time with her newborn son the way a movie career would. The regular taping schedule appealed to her.

This led to one of her most well-known roles, as Maya Gallo in Just Shoot Me! from 1997 to 2003. Originally, the plot of the series was to revolve around her but soon began to focus on David Spade’s character instead. Despite the shift, San Giacomo opted to stay and still got top billing on the show. She appeared on Just Shoot Me! throughout its 148-episode run. In fact, her work on the show earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical, which eventually went to Ally McBeal’s Calista Flockheart.

Place of Birth

Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Birth Name

Laura San Giacomo



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