Laura Crosby


Date Of Birth

December 21, 1987


It’s not only Laura’s looks that could kill, but also her abilities. This 21-year-old isn’t just a bikini model; she’s also very active in sports. She enjoys working out and kickboxing, even performing gymnastics and the occasional cheerleading. Aware of how attractive she is, she uses this to her advantage in getting through life.

Determined but sassy, Laura knows how rewarding it is to be a model especially for the people she meets. Her job allows her to travel the world for free, in addition to getting the craziest gift offers. She’s already appeared on several advertisements for tanning products and pageants. In 2008, she won the Planet Beach Title and later competed in the World Finals.

Even though she’s outgoing and does her best to be friendly, Laura has one pet peeve. She can’t stand it when others make her feel inferior. It’s when her temper flares and she gets nasty. Unfortunately for her, there’s going to be a lot of that in the Big Brother house.

As a contestant on the 11th season of Big Brother, she competed against 11 other aspirants and a mystery houseguest. The show is hosted by Julie Chen, and is executive-produced by Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger.

Because of her looks and popularity, she made enemies on the show and was the second to be eliminated.




2009: Big Brother (TV series) - Herself - Contestant

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