Kisha and Jen



The Amazing Race 14
1st Leg: 8th Place
2nd Leg: 7th Place
3rd Leg: 3rd Place
4th Leg: 2nd Place
5th Leg: 6th Place
6th Leg: 3rd Place
7th Leg: 5th Place
8th Leg: 4th Place *
9th Leg: 1st Place
10th Leg: Currently in 4th Place as race continues
11th Leg: 4th Place/Eliminated (U-Turned by Tammy & Victor)

* - arrived 3rd, but were not allowed to check in because they had left their travel do!$#!#ents at the Roadblock; they were forced to go back and retrieve them before they could check in again.

8th Team Eliminated - 5/3/2009

Sisters LaKisha and Jennifer are one of eleven teams racing around the world in the 14th season of The Amazing Race.

28-year-old LaKisha Hoffman currently works as a youth program coordinator and a basketball coach, and prides herself on being patient and competitive. Her sister, 24-year-old Jennifer, works as a marketing assistant for an assisted living company, and describes herself as being energetic and creative.

Despite the obvious differences, both are very active and competitive: LaKisha played basketball, and Jennifer played volleyball, while they were students at the University of Louisville. Both haven’t traveled much outside of the country, which makes the race an unforgettable experience for them—riddled with arguments, sure, but one played with determination and passion.

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LaKisha and Jen


The Amazing Race, Season 14, 4th Place

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