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Exclusive Interview with Lacey Conner from 'Rock of Love Charm School'

Lacey Conner is an animal lover and animal rights activist from Dallas, Texas. She is the lead singer and writer for the rock band Nocturne, where her last boyfriend was a guitar player.

Lacey was easily – and admittedly – the “bad girl” of the first season of Rock of Love . She had some run-ins with the other women, including Jes Rickleff , who she pushed into the pool, Dallas , with whom she instigated an argument about animal rights, and Heather, who she called fake. She often talked badly about the other women, hoping that her competition would lose points with Bret Michaels , and schemed to her utmost advantage.

Despite her behavior, Lacey Conner made it far in Rock of Love, landing a spot in the final three. When Bret met Lacey's family, he was surprised to learn that she had been getting financial assistance, which was contradictory to her claims that she was a struggling musician. At the elimination, Bret decided to take Jes and Heather Chadwell to the final round, saying that he cannot trust Lacey.

Since Rock of Love, Lacey Conner has made amends with some of the ladies. To welcome the year 2008, she and Heather hosted Bret's New Year's Eve concert/party in Minneapolis. She also continues to work on her music, doing several public appearances as part of her promotional efforts. Her song, “This Thing Called Love,” was featured in the Oliver Stone flick, Reservation Road. Lacey is also attending to New Dawn Rescue, a pet rescue organization that she set up when the show ended. She returned to reality television when she was cast in Rock of Love: Charm School, in addition to sporadically appearing on other seasons of Rock of Love. She also became a contestant on I Love Money’s cancelled third season. In 2009, she became a spokesmodel for Dean Guitars.

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