Kristy Lee Cook


Date Of Birth

January 18th 1984


Kristy Lee Cook is a 24 year old from Selma, Oregon who was one of the most impressive female singers in Philadelphia, where she auditioned. A cow girl by nature, Kristy Lee Cook is a talented girl who can sing, dance, tend horses and fight (cage fighting, to be specific). Kristy Lee had some issues in Hollywood, but pulled through after a couple of clutch performances.

Kristy Lee's journey on American Idol was cut short as she was eliminated on April 16. She made her mark as the sweet girl who sold her beloved horse to raise money for her audition. Too bad for her, she couldn't buy back the horse, as its new owner has already grown attached to it.

Kristy Lee also made her mark as the girl who often landed in the bottom three every elimination night, and thus became Ryan Seacrest's running joke.

"It's been kind of tough being in the Bottom Three, but with the first few times I kind of built up a stamina for it and kind of got a little tougher each time and finally kind of learned how to control the emotions that were coming from the whole situation," Kristy Lee said of her experience.

"It was a great learning experience for me," she said of her American Idol stint. "My career a long time ago was when I was 17, so it was definitely a long time ago, so I needed this push to get my career back starting again, because nobody knew who I was before American Idol, so it was definitely the biggest push I could have ever done to get my career started."

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Place of Birth


Birth Name

Kristy Lee Cook



Fun Facts

Lives In A Log Cabin
Had To Sell Her Best Racing Horse To Audition For American Idol
Is A KickBoxer and Cage Fighter
Was Proposed by her boyfriend on American Idol Extra and she said yes
Her Bride's Maid Was Best Friend and Fellow Idol Brooke White
Founded The Kristy Lee Cook Horse Heaven Foundation which specializes in caring, training, and saving horses.
Donations are made not by money but by equipment needed for the horses.
When the horses are well she races trains them as race horses




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