Kenny McCormick


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Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick is a kid who belongs to a poor family. He has a speech that is difficult to understand due to the fact that his hood is closed around his face. Nevertheless, his group members (Stan, Kyle and Eric) have ways of comprehending his dialogue. He is also described as being the unlucky one among the group, seemingly dies a different way in almost each episode.

Place of Birth

South Park

Birth Name

Kenneth McCormick


Male (Duh)

Fun Facts

Kenny has Blond hair and blue eyes. When ever his hood is off in the show (Not movie) you only see a little bit of his face. All his words are muffled due to his tight drawn hood.






Kenny, or "oh-my-god-they-killed-Kenny-you-!$#!#s!"




most his words are muffled

When listening carefully you know why most of his words are muffled. Among the most innocent things he said are:

'And he has a big black dick'.
'I like girls with great big titties, I like girls with big vaginas.'
'Blood belching vagina.'
His most notable quote, however, is "WOOHOO!" which is screamed whenever he 'gets lucky.' The most recent time he used this quote is the episode The Ring in season 13.

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