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The Amazing Race 13
1st Leg: 2nd Place
2nd Leg: 1st Place
3rd Leg: 1st Place
4th Leg: 1st Place with the Fast Forward
5th Leg: 4th Place *
6th Leg: 6th Place/Non-elimination leg
7th Leg: 4th Place
8th Leg: 3rd Place
9th Leg: 2nd Place
10th Leg: 3rd Place **
Final Leg: 2nd Place

* - Arrived 4th, but will now depart in 3rd due to Terence & Sarah that were being penalized 30 minutes for the start of Leg 6 because they got stopped by a police officer for speeding at 117 km/hr on a 100 km/hr zone and receive a speeding ticket from a police officer in New Zealand.

** - Arrived 3rd, but had missed the clue directing them to the Pit Stop, having arrived there by chance while searching for the clue. They were asked to go back and retrieve their missed clue at the end of the Detour and return to the Pit Stop before they can check in again. This did not affect their placement.

Separated couple Ken and Tina Greene is one of the 11 pairs participating in the 13th season of The Amazing Race. Despite having lived on opposite ends of the country for the past year, they hope to reconnect during the race.

51-year-old Ken currently works as a home builder, but was at one point an NFL player, having played for the San Diego Chargers and the St. Louis Cardinals. He thinks his problem solving skills and his competitive nature will get them through the race. 48-year-old Tina, on the other hand, has successfully launched two companies and is now the head honcho of a medicine company. She believes that her brains complemented with Ken’s brawn will be an advantage.

Most importantly, the two hope to rebuild their marriage through the race. Both are still in love with each other, after all. Ken is hopeful that, after bad decisions and his infidelity, the race will help his wife to trust him again. Tina is hopeful that they will appreciate each other’s differences during the competition.

They lost the AMAZING RACE 13 title and the one million dollar prize to Nick and Starr .

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Ken and Tina



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The Amazing Race, Season 13, Runner-up






"You're Gonna Get Me Killed" – Tina

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